Malaria kills one child every 2 minutes. In 2015, there were an estimated 212 million malaria cases and some 429,000 malaria deaths. Most children under five years of age, with 90 per cent of malaria cases occurring in Sub-Saharan Africa, malaria carries one of the heaviest burdens of disease.


LLIN Efforts

Long-lasting insecticidal bed nets (LLINs) are a simple, cost-effective solution to protect families from malaria while they sleep. They create a physical barrier against malaria-carrying mosquitoes, and the insecticide woven into the nets kills the mosquitoes before they can transmit the disease from one person to the next.

We work in malaria hot-spots and provide malaria prevention and intervention education, as well as teach net maintenance techniques. In early 2017 Sierra Leone executed a 'country wide' mosquito net distribution campaign, but many of the most vulnerable communities were missed and unaccounted for. In August 2017, 150 long-lasting insecticidal nets were purchased, distributed, and installed between 2 communities in Freetown, and the western area of Regent, Sierra Leone.

In order to maximize the longevity of the nets, proper maintenance techniques were taught. In one community, where the LLIN distribution took place, about 60 men, women, and children lost their dwellings to a massive fire. They now live in weathered gauze colored tents provided by the United Nations about a year ago. The children no longer attend school. These children range from 1 year old to 18 years old.

Run Out Malaria 2K18


Locals raising money to send mosquito nets to Sierra Leone

YAKIMA, Wash. -- A local man is trying to raise money to send mosquito nets to Africa to help fight malaria.Organizers said many in Sierra Leone communities are dying from malaria, especially children and these nets are one way to protect them.Joseph Trenk


A Safe, Sustainable Community

Current University of Washington undergraduate student Yaly Aguilera has developed and designed a school/community center using shipping containers, and other recycled, sustainable materials.

"As an undergraduate student at the University of Washington studying landscape architecture and architecture, I have the privilege to pursue and explore my passion in design.  Last Summer I had the opportunity to study abroad in Croatia for a design/build program where I worked with communities to design and build projects that provide public amenities while addressing the social and ecological concerns for the betterment of the community. I learned more in depth about construction methodology, principles of design, and therapeutic environmental design, all to create responsive and strategic design solutions for the communities in need.

My skill-set has allowed me to design an innovative school for the community in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Using sustainable materials, shipping containers will be used as the foundation of the school providing durability, adaptability, and innovation. These containers will offer a functional space while ensuring longevity and durability. With three classrooms, we will be able to enroll children from the community and provide them the education needed for better prospects in personal and academic growth. This school design is intended to foster a healthy, safe, and supportive learning environment for all students. We care about the education of children."

                                           --Yaly Aguilera


2018 Fundraising Efforts

Looking for fundraising and partnership opportunities.

Info coming soon about upcoming fundraiser "Cycle for a School" in Seattle, WA.

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